Monday, March 12, 2018

Economic Growth in India and the Gandhi-Nehrus

Rahul Gandhi was asked by an audience member at an event in Singapore recently chaired by my former LSE colleague Danny Quah:
"Why is it that during the years that your family ruled India, India's per capita income was growing less than the world average? And yet, in the years since your family relinquished the prime ministership of India, India's per capita income has grown substantially faster than the world average?"
Wasn't sure whether I should first look at the numbers or the history books as to who ruled when. Amitabh Dubey has looked at the numbers (figure below) and I did the standard growth rate comparison (not “moving averages”). Also adding a nice graph that Eswaran Somanathan has posted.
Have to wait for the new history books being commissioned to come out. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Why brings facts into it? 

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